Healthy Nutrition

Our Healthy Nutrition Menu is a lifestyle plan that will help you lose weight, with the use of low calorie meals, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and all other food groups in moderation. This diet will produce lean body mass, lower sugar levels in your blood, lower cravings for carbohydrates, promote higher energy levels, and improve your mental precision.

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Pick & Pause your delivery days

Choose when you want your plan to start. You can also pick your weekly delivery days and most of all you can pause your deliveries due to any reasons.

Customize per your dislikes/allergies

You have the full control to exclude all your dislikes and allergies from your daily meals. Our chefs pick and cook your food keeping all your exclusions in mind.

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Enjoy the benefit of our loyalty program as you shop, earning points that can be redeemed for wallet credit balance. Your loyalty is our priority, and we show our appreciation through this opportunity. Start earning today.

Sample Menu

Your daily menu may vary as per your plan customizations. Our chefs prepare a special menu based on your selection of dislikes/allergies.

Organic sumac roasted chicken with morrocan grains, sundried tomato, eggplant and tahini with pomegranate
Flowerless Sugarless Chocolate Cake
Wagyu Burger with Molten Mac and Cheese, Black Pepper Panko Crunch and Candied Jalapeños
Coconut Crapes
Yogurt Parfait
Baseball Cut Top Sirloin with Smoked Blue Chees
Vietnamese Shrimp Spring rolls with Nuoc Cham

Healthy Meal Delivery Service in California

Zone Healthy is an established healthy meal delivery service in California. We provide our clients with wholesome and nutritionally balanced meals. These meals are made from locally farmed and organically sourced ingredients. Thus, allowing us to serve you fresh, natural-flavored meals with optimal nutritional value. Our vision is to be the future of healthy food in California. We dream of a city filled with people who are fully aware of making the right dietary choices. A place where the least of us make conscious efforts to ensure that only a balanced diet is ingested at every meal. We aim to eliminate the mythical stress associated with eating healthy. So, we build dietary plans that not only suit your system but are also palatable to your taste buds. And we make daily delivery of these meals straight to your doorstep.

Our Diet Plans

At Zone Healthy, we believe that fats and animal protein are the foundation for optimal health and wellness. Thus, our diet plans are built around this belief, together with a balanced ratio of raw and cooked vegetables and fruits. These diet plans are filled with low-calorie meals, vegan treats, and energy-maximizing meals of all kinds. We have diet plans structured to help you lose weight. And for people who would like to gain a little body fat, there's a plan just for you, too. There are readymade diet plans curated with general dietary concerns. However, these plans are customized after strict consultations with our team of experts.

How It Works

Choosing to go on a lifelong journey of healthy eating is a critical decision. It marks a turning point for you. And we promise we'll hold your hand and your tummy every step of the way. Joining our family of healthy eaters can be achieved in easy steps.

Pick a Diet Menu

We have a number of diet plans available on the Zone Healthy website. These plans range from a healthy nutrition diet menu to gluten-free and vegan sensitive plans. You'll find other plans like a Pescatarian Diet Program, HCG diet, Keto Diet, and a diet plan for breastfeeding mothers to lose weight. These plans are not a mere culmination of a bunch of healthy-looking meals. Rather, each plan contains a healthy eating roaster that is targeted to serve a purpose throughout the duration of the plan. The Healthy Nutrition Menu, for example, is filled with low-calorie meals and fewer carbohydrates. It aims to lower blood sugar levels, reduce carbohydrate cravings and improve mental precision. Looking at the Pescatarian Diet also, you'll find that this plan is filled with a generous variety of premium quality vegetarian products. The ready-to-go portions on this plan will help you lose weight while maintaining supple skin. You should spend quality time evaluating the diet plans. Then, you can settle for a plan that can help you achieve your dietary goals.

Consult & Customize

As you would have observed, our services do not stop at healthy meal delivery. We are also open to consultations. You can reach out to us on the website or via our service line, 888-522-9663. When you call for a consultation, highlight your allergies, ingredients you don't like, and how frequently you would want the services of our healthy food delivery in California.

Savor Your Meals

Once you confirm all the necessary details, our chefs and meal delivery services will put oil to the pan and tires on the pavement to ensure you get your meals in time. Your meals will be delivered straight to your doorstep by 6 AM every designated day of delivery.