Guide & Tips

Created with a purpose & benefit for your well-being.

Cleanse Intro

Cheers to you on starting your new lifestyle. We’re excited for your cleansing adventure that you are taking on. We have put together this short guide to help you along the way.


Sunday Morning

Lean N Green

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Many wonder what the purpose of doing a juice fast is. It’s quite simple, a juice cleanse is a liquid form of ingesting vital nutrients while at the same time allowing your body to flush out toxins without any solids in your digestive track. While drinking our juice, you’re feeding your body in the most purest form.

The Preparation

We suggest eating a heavier amount fruits & vegetables and less meat 2 days before starting your cleanse, to make the process a lot smoother.


Keep yourself busy by doing your daily duties. We recommend staying away from any intense or high impact workouts. Stay active, stay hydrated and get plenty of rest.


If you feel like you must eat something, a handful of raw nuts, fruit or vegetables can help you fill the void you may have because those are easier to digest.

Suggested Schedule

Juice 1 - 8am                           Juice 4 - 2pm

Water                                           Water

Juice 2 - 10am                         Juice 5 - 4pm

Water                                           Water

Juice 3 - 12pm                         Juice 6 - 6/7pm

Water                                           Water

Wellness shot is suggested to take with Juice 1 or mid-day for a "pick-me-up".


As you can see from the schedule, there is water in between each juice. That is because you are also flush out water from your body. Although our juices giving you a nutrient packed kick, it is important that you drink lots of water.


Try to avoid coffee. We know, it’s hard but coffee can affect the process and we don’t want your dedication and effort to go to waste.


  • Keep your juices refrigerated. They are perishable and can spoil if left out of proper temperature range.
  • HYDRATE - Cleansing can be a lot of liquid intake but it is important to drink plenty of water in between juices.
  • R&R - Get some much needed rest. Relax your body and let the juices flow.

The Benefits

Aside from feeling rejuvenated, some great benefits you get are natural hair and skin glow, weight loss, clearer focus, gain in energy, decrease of sluggish mood, increase of nutrient intake, body immunity, and many more health related perks. Although everyone has different reactions and benefit gains due to individual lifestyle differences, the most important benefit we get is the removal of internal toxin build up and the gain of vital nutrients that our bodies will appreciate.