Phase 2

We offer all phases of the HCG diet, including Phase 2, Phase 3 and maintenance. We understand the difficulties and extra work that comes with the HCG diet. With only 500 calories a day, it's vital that you're receiving the correct portions and nutrients to remain healthy while losing weight. This program is designed to meet all the necessary requirements of the HCG diet to make your life easier.

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Meal Plan Flavor

Our Menus are designed to follow the strict HCG diet restrictions during your designated time frame to achieve your weight goals. All our food provided during this time is Organic and is accommodated by seasonal changes in fresh local produce. We work closely with local organic farmers to ensure that our clients are being served the freshest and best produce at the right time of year. Our menus incorporate superfoods as and when required to help enhance your nutritional needs to obtain your health and wellness goals.


Phase 2 (500 calories), Lunch, Dinner, and 2 Snacks. Phase 3 (800-1000 calories): Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and 2 Snacks


2 Week Rotation


Phase 2 (500 Calories) Phase 3 (800-1000 Calories)


Due to this restrictive diet, we advise that you keep your dislikes to a very minimum to enable us to provide healthy and varied meals during this time. The displayed pricing shown below is for HCG Phase 2 (500 calories). For phase 3 of the diet, please select Phase 3 option in Sub-Plans.

Sample Menu

Your daily menu may vary as per your plan customizations. Our chefs prepare a special menu based on your selection of dislikes/allergies.

Barramundi Ceviche with Lime Pepper Chips


Each plan includes no fewer than four meals: two entrees, a snack, and dessert. For your entrees, you can select whichever pair works best for you: breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner, or breakfast and dinner. You can receive three entrees — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — for just a little extra. With the included snack and dessert, it’s everything you need! The nutrition requirements of the following plans necessitate two exceptions to the above: The HCG Plan includes two HCG snacks instead of a snack and dessert. The New Moms plan includes a Wellness Shot in addition to your snack and dessert.